This doodad will help you determine how many unit-producing structures your bases can support.

Unit production
Tier Units produced
Tier 0 D O
Tier 1 Z B R
Tier 2 OS H M C I
Tier 3 BL U

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Some examples
Can you afford this?

Below is the amount of resources used to produce your army, assuming that all buildings are continually producing units.

Resource Mined Consumed Surplus Consumed / Mined
Minerals ? / sec ? / sec ? / sec ?
Vespene Gas ? / sec ? / sec ? / sec ?

What this means is that continually producing units from all buildings costs ? than your bases will produce.

There are additional places to sink your resources into, such as new buildings, expansions and upgrades, which will limit the amount of resources available for growing your army. It's also quite alright if the percentage of resources you can spend exceeds 100%. In many circumstances, buildings may be idle for short periods. It's usually better to have a bit too much production capacity.

N.B. All calculations above assume the game speed is set to Normal. On Faster speed, which is common for ladder games, everything is 21% faster. You mine 21% more per second, and you produce units 21% faster. For the purpose of comparing the resources mined to the resources spent, this balances out.

Units produced

If you were able to afford continually producing units from all larvae, you would produce:

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